Socki – Card Game


January 15, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Allen Eiry Center
28 Hopewell Ave.
Diane Culver, Executive Director

The story of SOCKI …
The rules of SOCKI were taught to Tad by his mother, a ship wrecked Victorian lady. He was born shortly after she was the sole survivor of the misfortunate occurrence. They lived happily on a warm Pacific island. He and his mother often played SOCKI together and with the natives to pass the time during stormy nights. On his eighth birthday Tad’s mother gave him a set of cards for his very own which she had handed drawn and painted. He kept them in a sock which he had found washed up on the beach in a trunk full of clothes presumably from the wreck. From that day on the game was named SOCKI.

This game is a blast and might take 30 minutes to catch on. Join us each Tuesday at 1:00PM for a good time!